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A customer needs to create a plan for deploying QoS across the company network in anticipation of adding a VoIP solution and to clean up the existing network. Employees currently use a corporate intranet to report expenses and access ERP and manufacturing applications, the Intemet for customer support and customer orders, and a recently installed IP-based video-conferencing system, which has been only marginally successful because of poor quality.
Which four CoS-DSCP values should be applied to the customer network so that voice, video, and data all function properly? (Choose four.)
A. ERP and manufacturing protocols AF31
B. video AF41, video signaling CS3
C. Voice bearer AF43, voice signaling AF26
D. Internet BE
E. ERP and manufacturing protocols AF43
F. voice bearer EF, voice signaling CS3

Correct Answer: ABDF
Which statement about the Media Resource Group on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is correct?
A. Different types of media resources cannot be grouped into the same Media Resource Group.
B. A Media Resource Group contains a prioritized list of media resources.
C. The default Media Resource Group is defined in the service parameters of Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
D. Once a media resource is associated with a Media Resource Group, it is no longer eligible to be associated with another Media Resource Group.
E. The Media Resource Group configuration page allows administrators to choose whether to use multicast for MOH audio.

Correct Answer: E
Which three are valid T1 CAS types? (Choose three.)
A. E&M signaling
B. semicompelled signaling
C. loop-start signaling
D. line signaling
E. Group 1 signaling
F. ground-start signaling

Correct Answer: ACF
Which two of these are possible reasons why a JTAPI subsystem might have the status PARTIAL_SERVICE? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Unified Contact Center is not able to resolve the host name of Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
B. A referenced CTI Route Point is not associated with the JTAPI user.
C. The JTAPI user password is not correct.
D. There is an error in one of the scripts being loaded.
E. The CTI Manager service is not running on Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
Correct Answer: BC
Integrity, authentication, and encryption are some of the security features that are supported on Cisco
Unified Communications Manager and IP phones. Which of these describes an integrity threat?
A. modification of call-processing signals between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IP phones
B. man-in-the-middle attacks
C. phone and server identity theft
D. TFTP file manipulation
E. unauthorized capturing and decoding of voice signaling packets

Correct Answer: D

Which of the following three messages could be sent by the UAC in response to the 180 Ringing? (Choose three.)

Correct Answer: ABD
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Which signaling method cannot solve the FXO disconnect problem?
A. power denial
B. tone-based supervisory disconnect
C. pulse dial
D. ground-start signaling
E. battery reversal

Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 65 350-030 Vioce Written

Refer to the exhibit. Which data rate, in bits per second, would be negotiated for a T.38 fax call?
A. 33600
B. 28800
C. 14400
D. 24000
E. 19200

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 66

Refer to the exhibit. Traffic flows from the IP phone that is connected to SW1 to the IP phone on SW2. If the trust boundary has been extended to the IP phone on SW1, in what two places will traffic be marked and classified so that the proper QoS settings may be carried through the network? (Choose two.)
A. IP phone attached to SW1
B. SW1 ingress port
C. R1 ingress port
D. SW1 egress port
E. R1 egress port

Correct Answer: BD
Which two telephony interfaces on a Cisco IOS gateway can be controlled by Cisco Unified Communications Manager using SCCP? (Choose two.)
A. analog E&M
D. analog FXS
E. analog FXO
Correct Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. Which gatekeeper mechanism prevents the gatekeeper from using all the resources on either gateway 1 or gateway 2 when sending calls to zones SE and NW?
A. bandwidth remote
B. resource availability indicator
C. bandwidth total
D. bandwidth zone
E. Irq immediate advance
F. ras timeout brq

Correct Answer: C
LLQ belongs to which Cisco quality of service feature?
A. classification
B. congestion management
C. congestion avoidance
D. shaping and policing
E. link efficiency mechanisms

Correct Answer: B
You are implementing a Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution utilizing MGCP gateways with PRI interface cards. You are working with your security department, which has a firewall in place between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the gateway. After the firewall is turned up, your PRI is no longer working. You suspect that the backhaul port has been blocked. What port does Cisco Unified Communications Manager use between itself and an MGCP gateway for PRI backhaul traffic?
A. 2427
B. 2428
C. 2727
D. 2728
E. 9900
Correct Answer: B
Which statement about the H.323 Fast Connect (also known as fast start) procedures is correct?
A. Fast Connect shortens the call setup time by forcing all H.245 negotiations to take place earlier during the H.225 message exchanges, setup time by allowing H.323 devices to propose and confirm master-slave determination in H.225 message exchanges.
B. Fast Connect shortens the call setup time by permitting calls to bypass certain H.225 steps and move directly from H.225 setup to H.225 exchanges.
C. Fast Connect shortens the call setup time by allowing H.323 devices to propose and confirm Open Logical Channel in H.225 message connect.
D. Fast Connect shortens the call setup time by allowing H.323 devices to use UDP as a transport protocol for H.245 negotiation messages, exchanges.
E. Fast Connect shortens the call reclaiming time that is otherwise used for TCP handshakes.

Correct Answer: A
Which of these is not a valid switchback method for SCCP hardware conference bridges?
A. immediate
B. never
C. graceful
D. guard
E. uptime

Correct Answer: B
Which three statements are true about multicast IGMP snooping? (Choose three.)
A. When a host in a multicast group sends an IGMP leave message, only that port is deleted from the multicast group.
B. An IP multicast stream to the IP host can be stopped only by an IGMP leave message.
C. IGMP snooping does not examine or snoop Layer 3 information in packets that are sent between the hosts and the router.
D. When the switch hears the IGMP host report from a host for a particular multicast group, the switch adds the host’s port number to the associated multicast table entry.
E. IGMP control messages are transmitted as IGMP multicast packets so that they can be distinguished from normal multicast data at Layer 2.
F. A switch that is running IGMP snooping examines every multicast data packet to verify whether it contains any pertinent IGMP “must control” information.
Correct Answer: ADF
What are two advantages of multicast technologies? (Choose two.)
A. Denial of service attacks in the network are prevented.
B. They eliminate multipoint applications.
C. They reduce traffic by delivering a separate stream of information to each corporate recipient or home environment, which reduces bandwidth
D. They control network traffic and reduce server and CPU load.
E. They eliminate traffic redundancy.

Correct Answer: DE
Which two Cisco Unified Contact Center Express system components do not support integration redundancy? (Choose two.)
A. CTI ports
B. AXL service
C. Cisco Unified CM Telephony trigger
E. dialog groups
F. HTTP trigger

Correct Answer: DE

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