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A large organization has made several acquisitions, each with its own network. All the networks use only Cisco Systems equipment, and the IP addresses do not overlap. The organization does not desire to redesign the address spaces to support a hierarchical design.Which routing protocol would be most suitable to connect the entire network?
Correct Answer: D
Each column in the table represents characteristics of a routing protocol. Choose one protocol that matches column B and one protocol that matches column E. (Choose two.)

E. RIPv2
Correct Answer: AD
AAA Video operates a chain of 50 video rental stores located in the Northwestern United States. They currently have a Point-of-Sale (POS) system in which each store posts its daily sales data and inventory changes to a central database through dial-up communication. There is no interaction between the stores and the central system during business hours. The central site runs on an Ethernet LAN. The only always-on WAN link is an Internet connection using wireless broadband to a local ISP. AAA wants to enhance their service offering by creating a new E-Commerce web site where customers can browse and search a catalog of video titles and select the ones they want for rental. The system will instantly communicate the order to the nearest store where employees pull the order and hold it until the customer picks it up. The service must operate on a 24×7 basis. AAA sees this new business strategy as a means to increase revenue and expand the business nationally. They see an opportunity to expand the web site in the future to video, DVD and music sales on a worldwide level. The company wants all stores to be connected to the central site through WAN links. The company is upgrading the central inventory database so that sales and rentals can be posted immediately in real-time. An Internet-based email and instant-messaging system will be set up for all headquarters employees and store managers to use. AAA believes that networking the stores will improve order fulfillment processes which will improve customer satisfaction and thus, boost revenue. It will also help communication with store employees. AAA wants to upgrade the local LAN to a Gigabit and Fast Ethernet system to facilitate the demands of the new and upgraded systems. They have budgeted $500,000 for the networking equipment and another $10,000/month for the WAN charges including a faster Internet connection. They believe that 256Kbps speeds will be adequate to the stores. Since they have no staff capable of managing the new network, they will hire two engineers that already have the training and experience. The project must be complete in 6 months when the new inventory system goes online. The IT manager has concerns about the security of the servers and workstations on the network when all stores become connected. He doesn’t want any Internet access to or from the stores. He is depending on you to recommend an effective yet affordable solution that will protect his system from intruders.Which two are business constraints imposed by the AAA Video Company on this new network design project? (Choose two.)
A. the $10,000/month WAN budget
B. the installation of WAN links to all stores
C. the lack of any existing IT staff
D. video sales through the global Internet
E. real-time posting of store sales

Correct Answer: AC
Access to airline scheduling systems is a mission critical requirement of a new network upgrade at a travel agency. A service level agreement (SLA) is included in the design to assure a high level of availability.Which three capabilities must be included in the network design to manage the SLA? (Choose three.)
A. the identification and isolation of the SLA devices that cause an outage
B. the monitoring for conformance to the SLA
C. the determination of fault when an SLA is violated
D. the restoration of the configurations of failed devices covered by the SLA
E. the reporting of SLA violations and performance trends

Correct Answer: BCE
Which modules in this figure of the Enterprise Edge functional area deploy e-commerce and provide connectivity between remote sites and the central site? (Choose two.)

A. Module A
B. Module B
C. Module C
D. Module D
E. Module E

Correct Answer: AD
Which kind of address translation is best when the servers on the internal network with private IPv4 addresses must be visible from the public network?
A. many-to-one translation (PAT)
B. many-to-one translation (Dynamic NAT)
C. one-to-one translation (Static NAT)
D. one-to-one translation (NAT Traversal)

Correct Answer: C

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