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Refer to the exhibit. You are required to upgrade the network of a two-story branch office building to support wireless LAN access throughout the building. What three configuration tasks should be completed on the building switches to maximize the efficiency of the wireless design? (Choose three.)
A. limit broadcast traffic to the access point by enabling VLAN filtering
B. limit multicast traffic to the access point by enabling IGMP snooping
C. enable VTP on the access point to allow VLAN support over the wireless network
D. extend ISL VLAN trunks to the access points for VLAN transport
E. limit the number of VLANs connecting to any access point to a maximum of 16
Correct Answer: ABE
Refer to the exhibit. Your client has merged with another company and has decided to deploy an MPLS VPN to connect that company with its network. Which situation will be the result of implementing an MPLS VPN network?
A. The P and PE routers will share a common IGP.
B. The PE routers will have been configured to run MPLS with the CE routers.
C. The PE routers will install the routes learned from the P routers in the appropriate VRF.
D. The PE routers will not install the backbone IGP routes in the global routing table, but rather in the MPLS backbone VRF.
E. The MPLS backbone, the P routers, will require BGP to be implemented to be able to label-switch packets from PE1 to PE2.

Correct Answer: A
Which design takes maximum advantage of many Layer 3 services, including segmentation, load balancing, and failure recovery?
A. backbone design
B. multilayer campus design
C. building design
D. multicast design

Correct Answer: B
Which of these is a deployment focus of the Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Switches?
A. network core
B. limited-space server rack
C. high-density wiring closet
D. medium to large branch offices

Correct Answer: B
Which three statements are correct regarding SDMv2.0? (Choose three.)
A. supports smart wizards with built-in intelligence about recommended Cisco IOS configurations for different use scenarios
B. extends its scope to other functions besides security, such as QoS policy configuration
C. provides industry-leading security management tool available for all Cisco router and Catalyst switch platforms
D. supports only HTTPS access, and not HTTP
E. supports role-based access
Correct Answer: ABE
Which three features are supported by the Cisco 7600 Series router? (Choose three.)
A. high performance, with a 720-Gbps capacity per slot
B. IP/MPLS provider edge router
C. Metro Ethernet connectivity
D. all models are NEBS compliant
E. 3-, 6-, 9-, 13-slot chassis
Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 60
A client organization is investigating deploying IP communications. It has a traditional hub-and-spoke Frame Relay WAN. It has five remote sites, and the WAN link speed for each location is 512 kbps. The WAN supports typical IP-based applications, but the client will also be rolling out a new ERP application that will be considered mission critical. Which three QoS mechanisms will be useful in redesigning the WAN to support the mission-critical application and IP communications? (Choose three.)
C. 5 to 11 class model

Correct Answer: ADE
Which is a reliable network auditing methodology for discovering applications on the network and their usage characteristics?
A. Interview system administrators regarding the networked applications.
B. Conduct a network usage study over a given period of time.
C. Place a sniffer device on the network to grasp a snapshot of traffic on the network.
D. Conduct a network inventory of servers and applications installed on them.

Correct Answer: B
When using the ISR to implement a NAC solution, the ISR is configured to act as which NAC component?
A. 802.1x supplicant
C. posture agent
E. AAA server

Correct Answer: D
Refer to the exhibit. Your customer has the network shown. The shortest path has indicated that all traffic must go from R2 – R3 – R4 – R5. Due to congestion at R3, you have recommended MPLS TE; as a result, a TE tunnel has been built from R2 to R4 via R6 – R7. As a result of this tunnel being built, which two conditions exist? (Choose two.)
A. The TE tunnel is bidirectional.
B. In order to implement MPLS TE the IGP must be either ISIS or OSPF.
C. The TE tunnel must be explicitly configured by the network administrator.
D. The Resource Reservation Protocol will be used to setup the TE Label Switch Path.
E. QoS must also be configured to ensure that the required bandwidth will be available for all traffic that uses the tunnel.

Correct Answer: BD
In the Cisco Catalyst 6513 Switch, which slots support the Supervisor Engine 720 and Supervisor Engine 32?
A. any slot
B. slots 1 and 2
C. slots 5 and 6
D. slots 7 and 8
E. slots 12 and 13

Correct Answer: D
An administrator wishes to connect two Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches in a back-to-back configuration. A straight-through Category 5e cable is used. What is the result of making this connection?
A. The connection will fail as the TX and RX pins are not properly aligned.
B. The connection will fail because the connection requires a Category 6 or higher cable.
C. The connection will fail; a back-to-back connection requires a crossover cable.
D. The connection will succeed after manually configuring one of the interfaces as a crossover port.
E. The connection will succeed as the switches will automatically adjust to the cable type.

Correct Answer: E

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