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Which information needs to be included in an implementation plan to allow an engineer implementing the plan access to further details?
A. corporate policies regarding protocols, standards, vendors, and applications
B. reference to design documents
C. availability of trained personnel within the organization
D. budgetary resource limitations

Correct Answer: B
A small state college is planning to improve the performance of their campus network, in particular the dorm network. Which information provided by the college is least relevant to the new design?
A. location of wiring closets
B. number of users
C. applications used
D. speed of the network

Correct Answer: A
An existing Cisco customer has called for help with designing a new solution for its changing needs. The first issues the customer wants to address are security, logging, and troubleshooting. On which major functional area and which submodule of the Enterprise Composite Network Model will you be keying your efforts?
A. Enterprise Edge; Internet Connectivity
B. Enterprise Campus; Network Management
C. Service Provider; ISP
D. Campus Infrastructure; Building Access
E. Enterprise Campus; Campus Infrastructure
F. Edge Distribution; Call Detail Log
Correct Answer: B
What does the Enterprise Composite Network Model introduce to the network design process?
A. hierarchical network design
B. the concept of core, distribution, and access layers of a network
C. flattening of the network model for simplicity
D. modularity within major functions

Correct Answer: D
Which three items should be included in a summary report that validates the findings of the information you have gathered when characterizing a network? (Choose three.)
A. network services map
B. network problems and drawbacks
C. modularized network
D. network features
E. network applications map
F. actions that support network requirements

Correct Answer: BDF
Which network analysis tool can produce a graph of traffic utilization on router interfaces?
C. NetFlow
D. Cisco NetProfiler
Correct Answer: B
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Correct Answer:
Which three statements accurately reflect this Enterprise Edge functional area diagram? (Choose three.)

A. Area B is the Internet Connectivity module.
B. The WAN module is illustrated by Area B.
C. The VPN/Remote Access module is reflected in Area D.
D. The Internet Connectivity module is comprised of the ISP, PSTN, and FR/ATM modules.
E. The WAN module is shown as Area D.
F. Area C represents the VPN/Remote Access module.

Correct Answer: AEF
Which three principles should be included in a good implementation plan? (Choose three.)
A. A less-knowledgeable network engineer should be able to implement the design.
B. A good implementation design is composed of multiple small, complex implementation steps.
C. A good implementation plan will not have many problematic incremental implementation steps that have to be repeated if there is a failure.
D. When planning for implementation, try to reduce the number of steps in order to avoid complexity.
E. A good implementation plan avoids being too complex.
F. Good implementation plans must consider the possibility of failure.

Correct Answer: AEF
Which two Cisco router services perform network traffic analysis to assist in documenting a customer’s existing network? (Choose two.)
A. NetFlow
D. NetMon
E. SNMP MIB compiler
Correct Answer: AB
When you have completed a study of Ethernet segments, what is the guideline ceiling for packet collision, stated as a percentage?
A. 0.001
B. 0.01
C. 0.1
D. 0.15
E. 0.25
F. 1
Correct Answer: C
The two networks shown in the diagram have very different traffic patterns, as illustrated by the black arrows. Network A has two departments organized in separate VLANs. Each department VLAN contains the servers and printers that are used by the department personnel. The only common resource used by both departments is the email server, located on a remote network. Network B also has two departments organized in separate VLANs. All of the applications used by both departments are located on common database servers. The common database servers are located in a server farm on a separate network from the users. Which three statements are true about the networks in this diagram? (Choose three.)
A. Network A is designed to accommodate file transfers from other department servers on a frequent basis.
B. The design in Network B will require a higher performance Layer 3 switch.
C. Network B illustrates the 20/80 rule.
D. Network B is designed so that distribution layer switches concentrate users in their own VLANs.
E. Network A is designed to keep 80% of the traffic within the local workgroup.
F. Network A is designed have 80% of the traffic pass through the Layer 3 switches.

Correct Answer: A
BodMech is an online fitness organization that specializes in creating fitness plans for senior citizens. They recently added a health-products retail inventory to the offerings. Which E-Commerce module device will be used for customers to interface with the company so that they can buy the products that they need?

A. NIDS appliances
B. SMTP mail servers
C. database servers
D. application servers
E. web servers
F. public servers

Correct Answer: E
Which two guidelines are indicative that network utilization has reached an unhealthy saturation level? (Choose two.)
A. shared Ethernet segments with more than 40 percent
B. WAN links with more than 50 percent
C. shared Token Ring segments with more than 40 percent
D. WAN links with more than 70 percent
E. shared Ethernet segments with more than 50 percent
F. shared Token Ring segments with more than 50 percent

Correct Answer: AD
Which three pieces of information should be documented in each step of each phase of a design implementation plan? (Choose three.)
A. simple implementation guidelines
B. step description
C. design document references
D. easy guidelines in case of failure
E. estimated rollback time in case of failure
F. estimated implementation time

Correct Answer: BCF
AAA Video operates a chain of 50 video rental stores located in the Northwestern United States. They currently have a Point-of-Sale (POS) system in which each store posts its daily sales data and inventory changes to a central database through dial-up communication. There is no interaction between the stores and the central system during business hours. The central site runs on an Ethernet LAN. The only always-on WAN link is an Internet connection using wireless broadband to a local ISP. AAA wants to enhance their service offering by creating a new E-Commerce web site where customers can browse and search a catalog of video titles and select the ones they want for rental. The system will instantly communicate the order to the nearest store where employees pull the order and hold it until the customer picks it up. The service must operate on a 24×7 basis. AAA sees this new business strategy as a means to increase revenue and expand the business nationally. They see an opportunity to expand the web site in the future to video, DVD and music sales on a worldwide level. The company wants all stores to be connected to the central site through WAN links. The company is upgrading the central inventory database so that sales and rentals can be posted immediately in real-time. An Internet-based email and instant-messaging system will be set up for all headquarters employees and store managers to use. AAA believes that networking the stores will improve order fulfillment processes which will improve customer satisfaction and thus, boost revenue. It will also help communication with store employees. AAA wants to upgrade the local LAN to a Gigabit and Fast Ethernet system to facilitate the demands of the new and upgraded systems. They have budgeted $500,000 for the networking equipment and another $10,000/ month for the WAN charges including a faster Internet connection. They believe that 256Kbps speeds will be adequate to the stores. Since they have no staff capable of managing the new network, they will hire two engineers that already have the training and experience. The project must be complete in 6 months when the new inventory system goes online. The IT manager has concerns about the security of the servers and workstations on the network when all stores become connected. He doesn’t want any Internet access to or from the stores. He is depending on you to recommend an effective yet affordable solution that will protect his system from intruders.What are three technical goals of AAA Video with regard to this network design project? (Choose three.)
A. sell merchandise through the E-Commerce site
B. real-time posting of sales
C. network security measures
D. hire two new network engineers
E. upgrade to a high-performance LAN
F. enhance service offerings

Correct Answer: BCE
In order for the two sites shown on the diagram to transfer a large amount of data in an efficient manner (utilizing available bandwidth), which three routing protocols could you deploy in the routers? (Choose three.)

C. RIPv2
D. RIPv1

Correct Answer: ABE
When validating gathered information, the summary report recommendations correlate which two items? (Choose two.)
A. existing network
B. summary report conclusions
C. customer requirements
D. infrastructure shortcomings
E. actions needed
F. new features

Correct Answer: AC
Clothes-R-US department store has an internal network connecting all their stores to two locations: head office and a backup site. They mainly do file transfers and use private addressing ( They want to provide e-commerce service by connecting their two main sites to an ISP. Four e-commerce servers (two in head office and two in backup site) will be accessible by the public. No other inbound public access and no outbound public access will be allowed. They are assigned a Class C subnet for their servers by the ISP. In setting up the routers connecting to the ISP (one in head office, one in backup site) what routing advertisement(s) would be sent by their two routers to the ISP?
A. routes and
B. routes and
C. route
D. Address translation will be required to advertise active routes to the ISP.
E. No route advertisements are sent.
F. Proxy servers will configure static routes and will only respond to route requests by the ISP.
Correct Answer: A
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Correct Answer: QUESTION 111
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Correct Answer:
Network enhancement may be possible when buffer misses per hour exceed which concentration?
A. 10
B. 25
C. 40
D. 50
E. 75
F. 100
Correct Answer: B
Which IPv4 to IPv6 transition strategy uses an intermediate device that can translate either at the transport layer or the network layer?
A. dual-stack
B. tunneling
E. automatic
Correct Answer: D
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Correct Answer:
Analysis and recommendations in a Draft Design Document are based on which two features? (Choose two.)
A. logical topology map
B. collected information
C. physical topology map
D. hardware platform
E. design requirements
F. software versions

Correct Answer: BE
Which two Cisco router services perform network traffic analysis to assist in documenting a customer’s existing network? (Choose two.)
A. NetFlow
D. NetMon
E. SNMP MIB compiler
Correct Answer: AB
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Correct Answer:
Which value is the most commonly accepted threshhold of acceptable network response time.
A. 1 millisecond
B. 4 milliseconds
C. 10 milliseconds
D. 40 milliseconds
E. 100 milliseconds
F. 400 milliseconds

Correct Answer: E
DataQuirk is a medical transcription company for exotic-animal veterinarians. The company recently added a third ISP for international business and is organizing the enterprise network into a fully operational Enterprise Edge. To which two modules will the three ISPs be directly related? (Choose two.)
A. Edge Distribution
C. VPN/Remote Access
D. Internet Connectivity
E. E-Commerce

Correct Answer: DEF
An enterprise needs to connect networks at high data rates. The networks are located in different buildings with a clear line-of-sight. Which technology is a solution for this need?
A. broadband fixed wireless
B. cellular wireless
C. wireless LAN
D. Mobile IP
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