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Which three actions are made possible by the summary report recommendations? (Choose three.)
A. classification of new network features
B. Design Document conclusions
C. network health description
D. proposed upgrades to hardware and software
E. required feature support
F. customer requirement modification

Correct Answer: DEF
For which scenario would static IP addressing be most appropriate?
A. when a given number of IP addresses are expected to change
B. when a variable number of IP addresses are required per subnet
C. when a given number of IP addresses need to be reserved for distribution to dial-in clients
D. when it is desirable to administratively track a given number of IP addresses

Correct Answer: D
RevFloTech is a sewer and plumbing company that is concerned that the network management strategy is not as current as it should be. The company is specifically interested in improving the ability to provide usage information about network resources and would also like to improve inventory management. Which two functional areas of ISO Network Management will you focus on in your recommendations? (Choose two.)
A. Fault
B. Configuration
C. Accounting
D. Production
E. Security
Correct Answer: BC
A good implementation plan that considers the possibility of failure includes which two related principles? (Choose two.)
A. A successful pilot or prototype is the only way to eliminate the possibility of failure.
B. A test should be included at every step.
C. A successful test is the only way to eliminate the possibility of failure.
D. A detailed procedure to revert to the original setup is necessary for each and every implementation step.
E. A good implementation plan must eliminate the possibility of failure.
F. A table of failure points, rollback steps, and estimated rollback times is necessary to eliminate the possibility of failure.

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 125
Which two methods or tools are used to verify a network design produced by network modeling tools, decision tables, and strategic analysis tools? (Choose two.)
A. simulation and test tools
B. network management tools
C. a pilot or prototype network
D. redesign documentation

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 126
A small state college is planning to improve the performance of their campus network, in particular the dorm network. Which information provided by the college is least relevant to the new design?
A. location of wiring closets
B. number of users
C. applications used
D. speed of the network

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 127
A prototype network is used to test a proposed network redesign solution. Although the test seemed to be successful, network performance is unacceptable when implemented in the live network. What was wrong with the prototype network test?
A. The prototype should have been built on the live network.
B. The prototype failed to test for the proper characteristics.
C. The prototype network didn’t match the live network exactly.
D. Different configuration parameters existed in the prototype network.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 128
Refer to the exhibit. What should R1 announce as the summarized address toward its upstream router?

Correct Answer: D
Which phrase best defines the PDIOO process?
A. is the design phase of the network life cycle
B. is the network life cycle phase that leverages organizational knowledge
C. reflects the life cycle of the network
D. reflects the organizational policy structure of the network

Correct Answer: C
An administrator is assigned the task of providing a unique VLAN for the sales group that is moving into an existing building. There are presently two other workgroups in this building with 82 users each. Both groups have a subnet within a private class B address with a mask. The sales group initially has 30 users, with a potential for growth to 52 users. The network uses RIPv1 routing protocol.Which subnet mask should be used for this new sales VLAN?
Correct Answer: A
Which two routing protocols should be used given these requirements? (Choose two.) Within the Enterprise network: 1. All routers are Cisco 3600 Series routers running the latest Cisco IOS release. 2. The fastest convergence time possible is required. 3. Unequal cost load-balancing is required. For Internet connections: 1. A single link is used to connect to a single ISP.
A. Use OSPF as the IGP within the Enterprise.
B. Use EIGRP as the IGP within the Enterprise.
C. Use Internal BGP as the IGP within the Enterprise.
D. Use External BGP between the Enterprise and the ISP.
E. Use EIGRP between the Enterprise and the ISP.
F. Use Static/Default routing between the Enterprise and the ISP.
Correct Answer: BF
Refer to the exhibit. Which Campus Backbone Design does this most likely represent?

A. Single VLAN Layer 2
B. Split VLAN Layer 2
C. Layer 3 VLAN
D. Dual Path Layer 3 VLAN

Correct Answer: A
What does the Enterprise Composite Network Model introduce to the network design process?
A. hierarchical network design
B. the concept of core, distribution, and access layers of a network
C. flattening of the network model for simplicity
D. modularity within major functions

Correct Answer: D
A network summary report is a valuable tool in validating gathered information. Which information should it identify?
A. new network features
B. infrastructure shortcomings
C. actions needed to support existing network features
D. actions needed to support the existing network
E. customer requirements
F. customer requirement modifications

Correct Answer: B
During which stage of the PDIOO process are implementation procedures prepared in advance to expedite and clarify the actual implementation?

Correct Answer: B
A large manufacturing company is asking for performance improvements in the Enterprise Edge functional areas of its networks. Only Cisco routers are used in the Enterprise Edge functional areas of the various sites. The staff is very familiar with the IETF protocols. Rapid convergence is a requirement for the new design. Which two routing protocols can be considered for the new design? (Choose two.)
A. RIPv1
Correct Answer: BC
FloCzar Boats is a marine transportation company that has undergone a period of rapid growth in the past year. The company has some issues with the Network Management design, and would like to enhance the information that is available about the devices. It seems that only static information can be obtained, and FloCzar would like to be able to get information that will help to perform long-term trend analysis. The company is specifically concerned with Layer 4. Which management protocol will best meet the goals?
C. NetFlow

Correct Answer: E
You are proposing a multi layer switching solution with multiple paths to a global organization. The proposal is to replace their current non-redundant network of routers. Which three benefits of multi layer switching would you emphasize when you present your proposed design to the organization’s board of directors? (Choose three.)
A. smaller broadcast domains
B. increased network availability
C. increased security due to VLAN functionality
D. increased network performance
E. fast convergence due to OSPF protocol use
F. increased throughput due to multiple paths

Correct Answer: BDF
Which two design criteria require VLANs in a proposed solution? (Choose two.)
A. security between departments
B. segmenting collision domains
C. segmenting broadcast domains
D. video streaming on the LAN
E. limited budget of the corporation
F. use of multivendor equipment

Correct Answer: AC
You are documenting the existing network of a customer with a large installed Cisco network. You have prepared this list of the routers in use on the network:435 Cisco model 2600 routers 129 Cisco model 3600 routers 10 Cisco model 7500 routersWhich two additional items of information would be most valuable to complete your documentation of these routers? (Choose two.)
A. error statistics
B. power requirements
C. interface options
D. software revisions
E. management protocols

Correct Answer: CD
Which three sources does a network designer use to collect information for characterizing an existing network? (Choose three.)
A. staff input
B. visual inventory
C. network audit
D. traffic analysis
E. server statistics
Correct Answer: ACD
In which three places can a network design be verified and tested? (Choose three.)
A. a live network
B. a pilot network
C. a prototype network
D. a design network
E. a trial network
F. a mock-up network

Correct Answer: ABC
The two networks shown in the diagram have very different traffic patterns, as illustrated by the black arrows. Network A in this diagram has several independent departments, each with its own VLAN in which printers and servers are located. The only common resource is the mail server. Network B also has several departments but they use common server resources. Which network represents 80/20 rule in a campus network?

A. Network A.
B. Network B.
C. Both networks are needed to achieve an 80/20 rule effect.
D. Neither network represents the 80/20 rule.
E. Both networks combined represent the 80/20 rule.

Correct Answer: A

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