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Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks
Exam Number: 300-370 WITSHOOT
Associated Certifications: CCNP Wireless
Duration: 90 Minutes (55 – 65 questions)
Available Languages: English

Up to the immediate present 300-370 exam cram(1-30)

Refer to the exhibit.
300-370 dumps
A client reports being unable to log into the wireless network According to the output, which network information should be verified?
A. the Failed Attempts log on the authentication server
B. that the AP has IP connectivity to the authentication server
C. that the user has an account on the authentication server
D. that the authentication and accounting configuration are correct
300-370 exam Correct Answer: B

An engineer must open a support case with Cisco TAC. Which two commands verify the model and serial number of a controller?(Choose two)
A. show sysinfo
B. show udi
C. show inventory
D. show boot
E. show tech-support
Correct Answer: AB
While reviewing Clean Air data in Cisco Prime Infrastructure, an engineer notices that a wideband jammer is not sending its Interferer Security Trap correctly. The engineer determines that the default seventy level has been changed. Which value does the engineer select to reset the seventy level to its factory setting?
A. informational
B. major
C. minor
D. warning
E. critical
300-370 dumps Correct Answer: D

An engineer is using various techniques to discover and isolate rogues on the network. For which technique must the engineer consider legal ramifications?
A. rogue AP containment
B. RF detection
C. switch port tracing
D. wire detection
E. Cisco Prime Infrastructure location services
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco WLC debug command allows you to determine if the certificate process is failing in the CAPWAP messages?
A. debug pm pki enable
B. debug cert events enable
C. debug capwap events enable
D. debug capwap packet enable
E. debug capwap errors enable
300-370 pdf Correct Answer: E

The Big Engineering IT team has been working in the lab to do some testing of some new features the existing network won’t support. They are AP Croups, AP Failover, and Local Web Auth. They have been having problems with all three features. In this test environment the controllers only support the Composite and Structural Engineering and Aerodynamic Engineering groups. All SSIDs should omit the department name. Refer to the exhibit. This is a diagram of the floor plan for the Big Engineering office and the distribution of the departments. The tables below show how the controllers have been configured. Note, not all menu items, text boxes, or radio buttons are active.
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300-370 dumps
When you review the configuration of the test network controller what needs to be changed to resolve the problems? (Choose four.)
A. Change the High Availability Primary Controller Management Interface IP address.
B. Remove the current WLANs and replace them with WLANs that have the same SSID names as on the AE-2504A controller.
C. Add the Local Net User names and passwords
D. Change the Layer 2 security to none and Layer 3 Security to Web Policy for the CSE-Contractors WLAN
E. Remove me current WLAN from the CSE-WLAN AP Group and add all three of the WLANs configured in the CSE- 2504A
F. Add the CSE APs to the CSE-WLANs AP-Group.
Correct Answer: BCDF

Which two statements about the WLAN are true? (Choose two)
300-370 dumps
Refer to the exhibit.
300-370 dumps
A. The client has a 5 GHz connection.
B. The client has authenticated.
C. The client is 802.11n capable.
D. The Cisco device is a 3600 series AP.
E. 802 11b data rates are disabled in this WLAN
300-370 vce Correct Answer: CE

The AP is unable to join the controller. What is the cause of this error? Refer to the exhibit.
300-370 dumps
A. The controller code version is lower than the code of the AP attempting to join.
B. AP code is not the same as the controller and must download firmware.
C. AP model % not compatible with the controller code version.
D. The AP is riot conjured in the controller auth-list of acceptable APs.
Correct Answer: C

Employees upgraded company issued OS devices. Which are configured to authenticate to the network using WPA2- Eniefpnse 802 lx with LEAP As a result, the devices are no longer able to authenticate. Which action must the engineer do 10 resolve the issue? Refer to the exhibit.
300-370 dumps
A. Redeploy the existing configuration profile.
B. Change LEAP certificate on the ACS server.
C. Reset the network settings on the devices.
D. Rejoin the enterprise network manually.
E. Deploy a new configuration profile with LEAP enabled
300-370 exam Correct Answer: B

An engineer is troubleshooting non-802 11 interference and observes this output. Which type of interference signaturescanbeidentified? Refer to the exhibit.
300-370 dumps
A. one frequency hopping Bluetooth
B. two healthy CCK and one malformed OFDM
C. three broadband jammers
D. two strong microwave ovens and one moderate
Correct Answer: B

A new wireless deployment with high AP density is experiencing high latency and connectivity issues on the 24 GHz band, despite an initial site survey done by a certified partner. Which option is the most impactful change a wireless consultant recommends? Refer to the exhibit.
300-370 dumps
A. Increase the fragmentation threshold to allow larger packets over the air.
B. Reduce the beacon period because it reduces the RF interference.
C. Disable lower data rate, such as 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps.
D. Disable the short preamble.
E. Disable 80211g support to reduce interference.
300-370 dumps Correct Answer: C

A wireless user is experiencing connectivity issues with their Mac OS laptop. If the Mac is exhibiting the behavior of a “sticky client” how can the tech verity which AP the user is currently connected to?
A. Hold shift while clicking the wireless icon.
B. Hold option while clicking the wireless icon.
C. Hold control while clicking the wireless icon.
D. Hold command while clicking the wireless icon.
Correct Answer: B

An engineer has configured 802 1x for the network and all but one of the APs are passing authentication. Which configurationiscausing the failure?
A. The AP has override global credentials checked.
B. The switch AAA credentials do not match what is configured on ISE.
C. The controller 802 1x supplicant credentials do not match what is configured on ISE
D. EAP-FAST is configured on ISE for this AP.
300-370 pdf Correct Answer: A

An engineer is troubleshooting AP join issues on a wireless infrastructure. While gathering debugs, the engineer notices that one of the commands may generate an excessive an excessive amount of data on the console. Which command causes this to occur?
A. debug capwap detail enable
B. debug capwap errors enable
C. debug capwap info enable
D. debug capwap events enable
E. debug capwap packet enable
F. debug capwap payload enable
Correct Answer: B

A network engineer is troubleshooting why EAP authentication with a client is failing. Which two commands should be used to resolve the issue? (Choose two)
A. debug dot1x notifications enable
B. debug dot1x events enable
C. debug arp
D. debug aaa detail enable
E. debug aaa events detail enable
300-370 vce Correct Answer: BE

Which channel width is the maximum that can be obtained by bonding two 802.11 ac subchannels according to US regulations?
A. 160 MHz
B. 120 MHz
C. 84 MHz
D. 240 MHz
Correct Answer: A

Which statement about the join process of the access point is true? Refer to the exhibit.
300-370 dumps
A. The time on the controller is outside of the certificates validity time interval, so the join phase failed.
B. The AP successfully joined the controller.
C. The AP moved from this controller to its primary controller.
D. The AP failed to join because the MAC address of the AP was not correct on the controller.
E. The controller rejected all discovery requests from the AP because they were not received on the management interface subnet.
300-370 exam Correct Answer: E

You have successfully configured HA and SSO using two Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controllers. You are able to access the Active Primary WLC but are unable to access the Secondary Standby WLC. Which two methods will allow you to access the standby unit? (Choose two.)
A. Via SSH to the Redundancy Management Interface.
B. Via Service Port Interface.
C. Via SSH to the Management Interface.
D. Via console connection.
Correct Answer: CD

Which ports require unrestricted port access for CleanAir RF spectrum analysis between the AP and Cisco Spectrum Expert?
A. UDP 5246 and 5247
B. UDP 37540 and 37550
C. TCP 16113 and 16114
D. TCP 37540 and 37550
E. TCP 5246 and 5247
F. UDP 16113and 16114
Correct Answer: D

A recently acquired Cisco Aironet 1550 series AP is unable to join the WLC. This message is observed on the AP console:
AAA Authentication Failure for UserName:CC93.1981.0035 User Type: WLAN USER Which action must be taken for the AP to associate with the controller?
A. Add MAC address CC93.1981.0035 to the Security AAA AP policy Authorization List.
B. Authenticate the AP to the WLC from the console using an admin account on the WLC.
C. Add MAC address CC93.1981.035 to the Security AAA MAC Filtering tab.
D. Import the self-signed certificate of the AP to the Security:Certificate:LSC tab.
E. Import the self-signed certificate of the AP to the Security:Certificate:SSC tab.
300-370 dumps Correct Answer: A

An engineer has run the debug dhcp packet enable command on the wireless LAN controller CLI. Which field contacts the IP address offered to the client?
A. siaddr
B. ciaddr
C. chaddr
D. yiaddr
E. giaddr
Correct Answer: C

Some users are experiencing inconsistent performance on their mobile devices as they move throughout the building when browsing the Internet. Which feature provides a more consistent user experiences?
A. low RSSI check
B. 802.11r
D. optimized roaming
300-370 pdf Correct Answer: A

A network engineer has identified clients who are experiencing delays white roaming. The network is configured with WPA2-Enterpnse. AES encryption, 802 1X authentication, and Cisco Centralized Key Management. Which change resolves the roaming delays?
A. Utilize a supplicant that supports Cisco Centralized Key Management.”
B. Enable AES and TKIP encryption
C. Disable client session timeout
D. Install wireless device drivers from Cisco
Correct Answer: A

An engineer is deploying a wireless infrastructure and must use Layer 2 discovery for access point association. Which configuration meets this requirement?
A. Configure the Access Points and WLC management interface on the same VLAN.
B. Configure a DNS A RECORD to point to the controller.
C. Configure option 43 on The APs DHCP scope.
D. Configure the AP using a serial connection to indicate its controller.
300-370 vce Correct Answer: A

A wireless engineer is unable to join lightweight access points to the Cisco Wireless Controller. The access points receive ip addresses from a DHCP pool configured on the core switch.
Which action must be taken to resolve the issue?
A. Upgrade the Wireless Controller to a newer IOS release.
B. Configure option 43 on the DHCP pool.
C. Configure option 82 on the Wireless controller.
D. Change the management ip address on the Wireless Controller.
Correct Answer: C

A mobile station in a factory contains an AP configured as a work group bridge that authenticates to a root AP using EAP-FAST. To be able to use the mobile station in further parts of the factory, another root AP is installed and also configured for EAP-FAST When the mobile station is attempting to roam to the other AP, it loses connection yet can still authenticate to the first one. What is the cause for the failed authentication on RAP2?
Refer to the exhibit.
300-370 dumps
A. RAP1 is using a different authentication protocol than RAP2.
B. RAP2 has a different SSID than RAP1.
C. RAP1 is using a different encryption than RAP2.
D. The authentication use name and password is different.
300-370 exam Correct Answer: A

In a cisco OfficeExtend environment, which encryption type n und between the access point and the mass LAW controller?
D. OpenSSL
Correct Answer: A

A Cisco WLC v7.0 is not seeing an AP join. Which starting prefix debug command can help determine a combination of discovery/join and DHCP process status?
A. debug capwap events – from Cisco WLC
B. debug capwap events – from the AP
C. debug ip udp – from Cisco WLC
D. debug ip udp – from the AP
300-370 dumps Correct Answer: D

Drag and drop the Layer 3 WLAN controller mutual authentication join process events on the left into the order in which they occur on the right Not all options are used.
Select and Place:
300-370 dumps
Correct Answer:
300-370 dumps

Drag and drop the IP address range on the left onto the specific purpose for multicast groups on the right. Not all options are used.
Select and Place:
300-370 dumps
300-370 pdf Correct Answer:
300-370 dumps

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In an outdoor mesh environment, which is the purpose of deploying one of the access points relatively higher than the others?
A. The MAPs need to be mounted higher than the first hop RAPs so that the mesh units can accomplish radio line of sight.
B. Elevated MAPs are connected to the switches, providing better bandwidth that all the RAPs utilize for client connectivity.
C. An AP deployed as a RAP needs to be mounted in a higher elevation to provide clear connectivity to first hop MAPs.
D. Root APs need clear line of sight to provide the best bandwidth to all of its RAPs, so the higher the better.

Correct Answer: C
You have a customer that is building a new campus of four 3-story buildings that you have just completed the site survey for. The customer is interested in the amount of rack space they will need to allocate in either the building MDF or in the data center for controllers. Each building is going to require 75 APs to support voice and data. How should the controllers be deployed to provide the least number of controllers, the highest redundancy, and the easiest management?
A. Use the distributed deployment method in each building MDF with the N + N redundancy method.
B. Use the centralized deployment method in the data center with the N + N + 1 redundancy method.
C. Use the distributed deployment method in each building MDF with the N + 1 redundancy method.
D. Use the centralized deployment method in the data center with the N + 1 redundancy method.
E. Use the distributed deployment method in each building MDF with the N + N +1 redundancy method.
F. Use the centralized deployment method in the data center with the N + N redundancy method.

Correct Answer: B
Which option allows the maximum 2.4-GHz channel usage for a survey and data deployment in the ETSI domain?
A. 1, 6, 11
B. 1, 5, 9, 13
C. 1, 6, 9, 14
D. 1, 6, 11, 14
Correct Answer: B
Which two issues do access and backhaul radios experience in mesh networks? (Choose two.)
A. The access radio has to connect to two or several points.
B. The access cell usually covers more area at ground level that may have more sources of reflection and interference.
C. The access cell radio range is larger than the backhaul radio range, which causes the backhaul cell radio to suffer from more interference.
D. Backhaul radios are a bottleneck for throughput.
E. RAPs help MAPs avoid coverage holes.
Correct Answer: BD
Refer to the exhibit. Clients are being disconnected from the WLAN. Which source of interference can cause a Denial of Service?

A. jammer
B. microwave oven
C. Bluetooth devices
D. wireless video camera
E. ZigBee device

Correct Answer: A
You have a client that would like to upgrade their 2.4-GHz point-to-point wireless bridge link between buildings in their facility in Mexico. Currently, they have radios from vendor A that are transmitting at 14 dBm with 6 dBm antennas. They would like to upgrade the radios to vendor B but keep the existing antennas. The new radios from vendor B have a fixed transmit power of 7 dBm. How should you proceed?
A. Install the new radios with existing vendor A antennas.
B. Install new radios with replacement vendor A antennas rated at 13 dBm.
C. Install new radios with replacement vendor A antennas rated at 30 dBm.
D. Install the new radios with new vendor B antennas rated at 29 dBm.
E. Install the new radios with new vendor B antennas rated at 13 dBm.

Correct Answer: E
Refer to the exhibit.

After performing a Layer 1 survey using Cisco Spectrum Expert, what is the result indicated by the visual screen?
A. Normal 802.11b activity
B. Normal 802.11g activity
C. Microwave oven interference
D. Video camera interference
E. Bluetooth device interference

Correct Answer: B
What two types of antennas have a high gain, narrow beam width, and are typically used for point-to-point bridging? (Choose two.)
A. dipole antenna
B. Yagi antenna
C. patch antenna
D. parabolic dish antenna
E. omni-directional
F. monopole antenna

Correct Answer: BD
When planning a site survey, what Cisco tool can an engineer use to estimate the number of required APs?
A. MSE Location Tracking
B. WCS Planning Mode C. WLC NetFlow Exporter
D. LWAP Monitor Mode
E. WCS Map Editor

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 10
In which two ways does the type of industry vertical change the way you prepare to perform a wireless site survey? (Choose two.)
A. In most cases the specific industry vertical impact is not unique and information used to prepare for a site survey can be reused from one vertical to another.
B. The first step in preparing for a site survey for a specific industry vertical is to review the individual industry standards for a WLAN deployment to ensure compliance with all known standards.
C. Each industry vertical has its own specific challenges that need to be considered prior to completion of the WLAN site survey.
D. Prior to performing a site survey for a customer, their specific industry vertical has very little impact on site survey process. Only post-survey design is impacted by the industry vertical.

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 11
Refer to the exhibit.

Clients in a conference room have been experiencing difficulty connecting to the Access Point on Channel 1. Which option is causing the interference?
A. Wireless Video Camera
B. Bluetooth Device
C. Cordless Phone
D. Zigbee Device
E. Jammer

Correct Answer: C
Which two are impacts of having 802.11b clients in an 802.11g network? (Choose two.)
A. 802.11b clients will degrade throughput of 802.11g clients
B. 802.11b is more susceptible to multipath than 802.11g
C. 802.11b operates over fewer channels than 802.11g
D. 802.11b uses 20 MHz wide channels, 802.11g uses 40 MHz wide channels
E. 802.11b is more susceptible to attenuation than 802.11g

Correct Answer: AB
Which option describes the method of measuring the beamwidth of an antenna?
A. 30 degrees on each side from the main lobe gain
B. 60 degrees on each side from the main lobe gain
C. – 3 dB on each side from the main lobe gain
D. – 6 dB on each side from the main lobe gain

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 14
How would clients react to a controller configuration that utilized unsupported channels?
A. Unsupported channels can cause coverage holes for clients as well as limit their connectivity.
B. Unsupported channels would be ignored by clients.
C. Unsupported channels would have no impact on clients. The user would simply need to roam to a supported channel.
D. Unsupported channels are not configurable on the controller, thus there would be no impact on clients.

Correct Answer: A
An engineer is conducting a VoWLAN survey for voice clients with a max power of 40 mW. What power level should the engineer set the AP to during the survey?
A. 5 mW
B. 10 mW
C. 20 mW
D. 30 mW
E. 40 mW

Correct Answer: C
Which three components make up a Statement of Work? (Choose three.)
A. Post-survey recommendations
B. WLAN testing information
C. A list of changes in scope
D. Survey type
E. A list and description of locations to be surveyed.
F. Confirmation of timeline and cost
G. A list of equipment required to perform network analysis

Correct Answer: DEF
Which two basic characteristics would be needed from antennas used for survey and deployment in various indoor situations? (Choose two.)
A. Horizontally polarized
B. Vertically polarized
C. Aesthetically fitting
D. Least cost
E. Highest gain
F. Largest beamwidth

Correct Answer: BC
An engineer is tasked with designing a WLAN. The customer is prioritizing data speeds to the desktop, but is also entertaining the idea of adding 802.11 phones in the future. Given this information, how should the engineer conduct the survey?
A. consider the employee head count in congested office space and limit the edge of each cell to an RSSI of -67mW
B. restrict AP cell edges to -67dB and be sure to strategically place APs in congested office spaces
C. co-locate access points when possible to cover high user areas and place APs at each corner of the facility
D. stagger the AP placements, and be sure to have a high signal to noise ratio that will accommodate the future VoIP devices
Correct Answer: B
What is the result if a client radio is incapable of supporting all the 5 GHz channels you have deployed in the controller or APs?
A. You may only be able to deploy 20 MHz-wide channels.
B. This may result in the client having to roam more frequently to find a channel it supports.
C. This may result in coverage holes in the network.
D. You may only be able to deploy 40 MHz-wide channels.
Correct Answer: C
What are the most appropriate channels for an 802.11a/n VoWLAN survey and deployment in the FCC domain?
A. 4 channels of UNII-1
B. 8 channels of UNII-1, and UNII-2
C. 8 channels of UNII-1, and UNII-3
D. 15 channels of UNII-2, and UNII-2 extended
E. 23 channels of UNII-1, UNII-2, UNII-2 extended, and UNII-3
F. 24 channels of UNII-1, UNII-2, UNII-2 extended, UNII-3, and ISM

Correct Answer: C
You have a multinational customer that would like you to perform a wireless site survey for a new manufacturing facility in Singapore. They have had a local vendor install a point-to- point wireless bridge link between two buildings 1 km apart. The ground between the buildings is flat but because facilities are in the mountains, dense fog is an issue. There are no line of sight issues between the buildings. The link is experiencing errors and throughput issues. Currently the two radios are set to operate at 2.4 GHz and the transmit power is set to 7 dBm with 7 dBm antennas. What do you need to take into consideration when performing

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