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What is MCP?

Network and service management have become complex as networks have grown to serve the increasingly bandwidth-hungry world. That Lead4pass MCP rapid growth has also spawned a related problem: The fragmented set of software tools required for operating networks makes the process of managing and deploying services unwieldy and time-consuming.

As a result, service providers are looking to streamline operations and accelerate service agility with MCP, which converges online planning and network and service management tasks into a unified, simplified ‘single-pane-of-glass’ view.

MCP enables multi-layer packet and optical service management and network optimization. Furthermore, it provides a real-time, accurate view of the network and service topology to integrate equipment network capacity demand planning with optimal efficiency.


General Unit Guidelines for Lead4pass MCP

Advanced network and service visualization of these capabilities are provided in a single Web-based interface to ensure improved user access and an industry-leading user experience. The following types of units count for MCP credit:

  • Units from all credit-bearing courses completed with a passing grade at UCSB
  • Units from in-progress courses (IP)
  • Incomplete units; these are counted in the quarter during which the course was originally taken once a grade is assigned
  • All UCSB summer session units earned after admission and prior to enrollment in your first regular quarter
  • All transferable units earned in summer after your first quarter at UCSB

Hence, maximizing the performance of copies as well as checksums that ensure the integrity of copies is desirable to minimize the turnaround time of user and administrator activities. Lead4pass MCP Modern parallel file systems provide very high performance for such operations using a variety of techniques such as striping files across multiple disks to increase aggregate I/O bandwidth and spreading disks across multiple servers to increase aggregate interconnect bandwidth.

Vendor: MicrosoftMCP
Certifications: MCP
Exam Name: Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Exam Code: 70-210
Total Questions: 145 Q&As
Last Updated: May 06, 2017

Your Windows 2000 Professional computer has 10 shared folders that are available to other network
users. A user reports that he cannot access a shared folder named ShareA.You want to respond to the
user’s problem as quickly as possible by using an administrative tool. However, you cannot remember the
server location of ShareA.What should you do?
A. Use Windows Explorer to display the file paths of your shared folders.
B. Use Storage in Computer Management to view logical drive properties.
C. Use Event Viewer in Computer Management to search for shared folder error messages.
D. Use System Tools in Computer Management to display the file paths of your shared folders.
Correct Answer: D


Your Windows 2000 Professional computer contains a single hard disk configured as a single partition.
You want to move a folder named Sales under a folder named Corp on your computer.You want the files in
the Sales folder to remain compressed after moving the folder. You want the files in the Corp folder to
remain uncompressed. You want to ensure that the files are recoverable in case of any disk problems. You
also want to move the files with the least amount of administrative effort.What should you do?
A. Copy the Sales folder to the Corp folder. Do nothing further.
B. Back up the Sales folder. Move the Sales folder to the Corp folder.
C. Compress the Corp folder. Then copy the Sales folder to the Corp folder.
D. Move the Sales folder to a second computer. Then move the Sales folder to the Corp folder.
Correct Answer: B


You are the administrator of your company’s network. A user named Peter runs Windows 2000
Professional on his portable computer. Peter wants to be able to work at home on files that were created in
the office on the company network. Prior to logging off the network and leaving the office, Peter enables
Offline Files.Peter calls you from home and reports that copies of his folders and files on the network are
not available on his portable computer. What should you instruct Peter to do?
A. Enable file and print sharing. Peter will be able to access his files at home immediately.
B. Synchronize all offline files. Peter will be able to access his files at home immediately.
C. At the office, make all files available offline. Peter will be able to access his files the next time he logs
off the network.
D. At the office, create a shortcut to the Offline Files folder. Peter will be able to access his files the next
time he logs off the network.
Correct Answer: C


Your Windows 2000 Professional computer has 50 MB of free disk space on drive C and 500 MB of free
disk space on drive D. Print jobs are failing because the available space on drive C is inadequate. You
want print jobs to be able to use the space on drive D.What should you do?
A. From the Print Server Properties dialog box, change the location of the spool folder to any existing file
path on drive D.
B. From the Printer Properties dialog box, use Advanced settings to change the location of the spool
folder to D:\Winnt\System32\Spool\Printers.
C. Copy the C:\Winnt\System32\Spool\Printers folder to the D:\Winnt\System32\Spool\Printers folder.
D. Mount drive C as a subdirectory on drive D.
Correct Answer: A


You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 Professional computer named Computer1. Computer1 has a
shared color laser printer named Printer1. Printer1 will not turn on.The print queue for Printer1 has three
jobs waiting to print. You want to enable the three waiting print jobs to print to an identical print device,
which has been shared as Printer2 on Computer2. You also want to allow users who currently connect to
Printer1 to automatically use Printer2 without having to reconfigure their default printer.What should you
A. Enable bidirectional support for Printer1.
B. Change the share name of Printer2 to Printer1.
C. Configure Printer1 to add a port, and set the port to \\Computer2\Printer2.
D. Configure the print server properties to use the path \\Computer2\Winnt$\System32\Spool\Printers.
Correct Answer: C


Lead4pass MCP Past Semesters

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MCP SS 2016 — Let’s Make a Difference! (Designing Apps to Help Refugees & Refugee Workers)
MCP WS 2015 — Tangible Tabletop Tower Defence
MCP SS 2015 — Productivity Apps
MCP WS 2014 — Digital Fabrication
MCP SS 2014 — L2P Apps
MCP WS 2013 — Digital Fabrication
MCP SS 2013 (Bonn) — Mobile Gaming
MCP WS 2012 — Interactive Assembly
MCP SS 2012 (only available from within the RWTH-net, use VPN)
MCP WS 2011
MCP SS 2011
MCP WS 2010
MCP SS 2009
MCP SS 2008
MCP SS 2007
MCP SS 2006

There are many different certification exams from Microsoft covering all the different technology areas. There are also many different certification paths like the newly redesigned MCP certifications that are made up of multiple certification exams. Unfortunately, the list of Microsoft certification exams can be a bit cumbersome and difficult to search through on the official Microsoft Learning site. For this reason, I have created a simple, open source, Microsoft certification exam finder tool.

Lead4pass Motivation and Goals

MCP is an attempt to provide a standard message format on which to build MUD-based client-server applications. As described above, many MUDs place restrictions on the user’s I/O channel. Given these, a survey of MCP’s goals is in order:

  • MCP is simple and open-ended. Rather than attempting to define the messages which implement applications built on MCP, it defines the format these messages should follow, and leaves the details of protocol message design to application authors.
  • It is expressed in 7-bit ASCII, permitting it to be carried over channels with restricted character sets.
  • Its messages have a distinctive format; they may be carried on the same channel with, and readily recognized and removed from, the stream of “in-band” MUD commands and output.
  • MCP makes only minimal distinctions between clients and servers. In this respect, it is applicable both to traditional client-server communications and to server-to-server communications.
  • MCP has little notion of state; instead, maintenance of state beyond the existence of a MCP-capable connection between the server and client is assumed to be the job of application-specific protocols.

Copies between local file systems are a daily activity. Lead4pass MCP Files are constantly being moved to locations accessible by systems with different functions and/or storage limits, being backed up and restored, or being moved due to upgraded and/or replaced hardware.

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