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Exam Code: 300-075
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 2 v1.0
Q&As: 383

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300-075 dump

Question No : 9  Which three statements about configuring an encrypted trunk between Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server and Cisco Unified Communications Manager are true? (Choose three.)
A. The root CA of the VCS server certificate must be loaded in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
B. A SIP trunk security profile must be configured with Incoming Transport Type set to TCP+UDP.
C. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager trunk configuration must have the destination port set to 5061.
D. A SIP trunk security profile must be configured with Device Security Mode set to TLS.
E. A SIP trunk security profile must be configured with the X.509 Subject Name from the VCS certificate.
F. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone configured in VCS must have SIP authentication trust mode set to On.
G. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone configured in VCS must have TLS verify mode set to Off.
300-075 exam Answer: A,C,E
Question No : 10  When video endpoints register with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, where are DSCP values configured?
A. in Unified CM, under Enterprise Parameters Configuration
B. in Unified CM, under Device > Device Settings > Device Defaults
C. in Unified CM, under Service Parameters > Cisco CallManager Service > Cluster-wide Parameters
D. DSCP parameters are always configured on each individual video endpoint.
Answer: C
Question No : 11  Company X has a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster and a VCS Control server with video endpoints registered on both systems. Users find that video endpoints registered on Call manager can call each other and likewise for the endpoints registered on the VCS server. The administrator for Company X realizes he needs a SIP trunk between the two systems for any video endpoint to call any other video endpoint. Which two steps must the administrator take to add the SIP trunk? (Choose two.)
A. Set up a SIP trunk on Cisco UCM with the option Device-Trunk with destination address of the VCS server.
B. Set up a subzone on Cisco UCM with the peer address to the VCS cluster.
C. Set up a neighbor zone on the VCS server with the location of Cisco UCM using the menu option VCS Configuration > Zones > zone.
D. Set up a SIP trunk on the VCS server with the destination address of the Cisco UCM and Transport set to TCP.
E. Set up a traversal subzone on the VCS server to allow endpoints that are registered on Cisco UCM to communicate.
300-075 dump Answer: A,C
Question No : 12  Which three options are overlapping parameters for roaming when a device is configured for Device Mobility? (Choose three.)
A. device pool
B. location
C. network locale
D. codec
F. extension
Answer: B,C,E
The overlapping parameters for roaming-sensitive settings are Media Resource Group List, Location, and Network Locale. The overlapping parameters for the Device Mobility-related settings are Calling Search Space (called Device Mobility Calling Search Space at the device pool), AAR Group, and AAR Calling Search Space. Overlapping parameters configured at the phone have higher priority than settings at the home device pool and lower priority than settings at the roaming device pool.
If a product’s weight was specified to be 300 grams but could only be built to a weight of 400 grams, which of the following would be created?
A. Exception Plan
B. Request for change
C. Off-specification
D. Exception Report
300-075 pdf Correct Answer: C
What is a purpose of the Change theme?
A. Prevent change to anything agreed in the Project Initiation Documentation
B. Ensure any potential changes to baselined products are controlled
C. Ensure that the correct versions are delivered to the customer
D. Assess changes to only the specialist products
Correct Answer: B
Which product confirms the version numbers of all products being developed within a given stage?
A. Configuration Item Record
B. Stage Plan
C. Work Package
D. Product Status Account
300-075 vce Correct Answer: D
Identify the missing word from the following sentence… PRINCE2 uses the term [ ? ] to cover any relevant event that has happened, was not planned, and requires management action?
A. Risk
B. Change
C. Issue
D. Exception
Correct Answer: C
According to PRINCE2, as well as holding informal problems/concerns, which product can also be used to record required actions or significant events not caught elsewhere?
A. Daily Log
B. Risk Register
C. Issue Register
D. Project notebook
300-075 exam Correct Answer: A
Which option describes something that should be provided by the project, but currently is not (or is
forecast not to be) provided?
A. Problem/concern
B. Concession
C. Off-specification
D. Exception Report
300-075 dump Correct Answer: C
According to the Change theme, which of the following contains the steps of the recommended issue and change control procedure?
A. Capture, Examine, Analyze Impact, Review Probability, Implement Action
B. Capture, Log, Review, Resolve
C. Assess, Decide, Escalate, Implement
D. Capture, Examine, Propose, Decide, Implement
Correct Answer: D

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