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Exam A
Which two features are supported by Cisco IronPort Security Gateway? (Choose two.)
A. spam protection
B. outbreak intelligence
C. HTTP and HTTPS scanning
D. email encryption
E. DDoS protection

Correct Answer: AD
Which option is a feature of Cisco ScanSafe technology?
A. spam protection
B. consistent cloud-based policy
C. DDoS protection
D. RSA Email DLP

Correct Answer: B
Which two characteristics represent a blended threat? (Choose two.)
A. man-in-the-middle attack
B. trojan horse attack
C. pharming attack
D. denial of service attack
E. day zero attack

Correct Answer: BE
Under which higher-level policy is a VPN security policy categorized?
A. application policy
B. DLP policy
C. remote access policy
D. compliance policy
E. corporate WAN policy
Correct Answer: C
Refer to the exhibit.

What does the option secret 5 in the username global configuration mode command indicate about the user password?
A. It is hashed using SHA.
B. It is encrypted using DH group 5.
C. It is hashed using MD5.
D. It is encrypted using the service password-encryption command.
E. It is hashed using a proprietary Cisco hashing algorithm.
F. It is encrypted using a proprietary Cisco encryption algorithm.

Correct Answer: C
What does level 5 in this enable secret global configuration mode command indicate?

A. router#enable secret level 5 password
B. The enable secret password is hashed using MD5.
C. The enable secret password is hashed using SHA.
D. The enable secret password is encrypted using Cisco proprietary level 5 encryption.
E. Set the enable secret command to privilege level 5.
F. The enable secret password is for accessing exec privilege level 5.

Correct Answer: E
Which Cisco management tool provides the ability to centrally provision all aspects of device configuration across the Cisco family of security products?
A. Cisco Configuration Professional
B. Security Device Manager
C. Cisco Security Manager
D. Cisco Secure Management Server

Correct Answer: C
Which option is the correct representation of the IPv6 address 2001:0000:150C:0000:0000:41B1:45A3:041D?
A. 2001::150c::41b1:45a3:041d
B. 2001:0:150c:0::41b1:45a3:04d1
C. 2001:150c::41b1:45a3::41d
D. 2001:0:150c::41b1:45a3:41d

Correct Answer: D
Which three options are common examples of AAA implementation on Cisco routers? (Choose three.)
A. authenticating remote users who are accessing the corporate LAN through IPsec VPN connections
B. authenticating administrator access to the router console port, auxiliary port, and vty ports
C. implementing PKI to authenticate and authorize IPsec VPN peers using digital certificates
D. tracking Cisco NetFlow accounting statistics
E. securing the router by locking down all unused services
F. performing router commands authorization using TACACS+

Correct Answer: ABF
When AAA login authentication is configured on Cisco routers, which two authentication methods should be used as the final method to ensure that the administrator can still log in to the router in case the external AAA server fails? (Choose two.)
A. group RADIUS
B. group TACACS+
C. local
D. krb5
E. enable
F. if-authenticated

Correct Answer: CE